If you will be embedding the Qlik Extension into a third-party Mashup app you will need to add a list of all domain names where the Mashup apps are hosted for the Narrative to generate properly.  This can be done via the IT Admin Portal for Quill.

NOTE: Updating the CORS Origin will result in the Quill services being restarted so the CORS Origin values can be applied.

  1. Log Into the Quill IT Portal at: https://<hostname>:8800
  2. Click Settings from the top right-hand menu
  3. Add the domains to the CORS ORIGIN field in a comma-separated list
  4. Click Save
  5. In the next screen:
    1. Click Apply Changes to apply the changes right away and restart Quill
    2. Click Cancel to have the changes saved but not applied, this will require a manual restart of Quill later to apply changes
  6. The Quill services will auto-restart if Apply Changes was clicked when saving the CORS value.  You can confirm the restart on the main page by clicking Dashboard from the top menu, Quill should show as "Starting" in the left-hand tile.
  7. Quill can manually be restarted by clicking Stop Now and then Start in the left-hand tile to pick up the new CORS value.