Currently, Qlik does not have a native licensing manager that allows you to track which users are leveraging a particular Qlik Extension, including Quill for Qlik. However, there are other ways that we suggest our customers track users.

Our recommendation is to create "Streams" that are specific for apps that use Quill and add approved users to those "Streams".  Once the Stream has been created in the Qlik Management Console, under Governance you can monitor the apps.


Separately, if you want to track more metadata associated with which dashboards are using Quill, we recommend reviewing the below resources, which discuss how to fetch data from the Qlik Sense Telemetry project and QRS API calls.

  1. The Telemetry Dashboard for Qlik Sense is a meta-fetcher running against APIs and dashboards to provide the ability to capture more granular data.
  2. The Qlik Sense Extension Usage Dashboard parses the application metadata from the telemetry project to uncover which applications use extension objects and delivers usage stats.

Qlik's Developer site also has information on an open-source extension project, sense-extension-governance, that once the extension is installed and dropped into a sheet will analyze the usage of Qlik Sense visualization extensions across your environment, you can see more information about the project here