New Features

New function for Most recent period - PeriodValueNewest() and PeriodLabelNewest()

Revised the settings modal UX for turning on and off Analytics buckets to make it more clear whether they are on or off.

Auto-scrolling when editing custom content.


Custom functions were executing calculations on incorrect scopes of the data resulting in incorrect values being returned.

When settings modal was open and being adjusted, story re-write was not writing about the right scope of data.

Disabled configurable drill down to two-dimension multi-measure stories because it was not responsive.

Disabled formatting section for discrete stories because adjusting it had no effect on the content (there was no configurable content to begin with)

In custom language functions, typing to select a function did not work properly.

In custom language functions, typing to select a dimension value for a function argument resulted in no values showing up in the dropdown.

Eliminates XSS vulnerability

Disabled custom function editing for sub-stories of Story Nav (two-dimension, multi-measure stories)

When the measure was to be averaged based on a setting in measure characteristic, the custom language Total() function was calculating an average instead of a total.

In custom language functions, the Value() was not handling the FilterDimensionValue argument properly. 

In custom language functions, the PercentDifference() function had reversed arguments.

Regression analysis error message was showing up when it should not.

Multiple clicks required in custom language menu before a response from the tool.