Since Tableau does not have dedicated license-tracking management, you can manage permission to access and track extension usage for the Narrative for Tableau extension by:

1. Creating a Group

2. Granting your Group permissions for Projects, Workbooks, or Views.

We recommend that you manage access at the highest level (i.e. the Project level) to facilitate tracking permissions. To do this, we ask that the admin creates a Project for users to publish all Workbooks containing narratives. Once you grant your Group permissions for the Project, you should only permit use of the .trex file in those Workbooks or Views.

To Create a Group:

  1. Go to Groups > New Group. You can call this Group “Quill Extension”:
  2. Click + Add Users and add users who have been granted access to Quill Extension by your organization:

Please note, when you create a Group, you will need to add all users that your organization has granted access to Quill Extension. This means that this group should not contain more members than the number of licenses allotted to you.

To allow groups to use Quill for Tableau, you must create a Project and assign permissions at the Project level. 

1. Go to: Content > Project

2. Create a new Project, for example “Extensions Workbooks.”

3. Edit permissions for your new Project.

4. First deny “All users.”

5. Then add your Quill Extension Group to the Project and select your desired permissions. All users within this group should publish workbooks to this Project when using the .trex file to generate narratives in their dashboards.