This guide is aimed at getting you up to speed on all the features and functionality of Quill for Qlik. It will contain links to articles or videos within our help center.


Narratives are a great way to enhance the effectiveness and engagement of a dashboard. Combining written explanations alongside visualizations makes dashboards more accessible to a wider audience, and it can even call out insights that might otherwise be difficult to see.  Start by watching this video of how to use the extension to build narratives in your dashboard. 

Watch this video for a longer and more in-depth explanation of the Qlik extension. 

To learn which story type is best for your dashboard, read about our Discrete, Continuous, Percent of Whole and Scatterplot analysis. 


Next, customize your narratives to give your audience a more tailored experience. We have a wide variety of content that will help you adjust your narrative. We recommend that you start at the settings and edit modals. 


Our support team is here to help with any questions you may have. Don't be afraid to reach out: 

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