In order to unlock the "Relationship" stories in the Setting modal, you need to have at least two measures and one dimension. Often times data that you're looking to compare is grouped into one column of data named something like "Period", "Month", or "Year" with values similar to "Q2", "March", "February", or "2020". 

This guide will walk through how you can separate "2019" from "2018" or (March from February) so that you can compare the two in a relationship story.

1. We first need to create a new measure. Go into "Master Items" and into "Measures" and click "Create New".

2. First, we want to make our "Current Year" measure. Name your new measure and click the "fx" button under Expression.

3. While there may be multiple ways to accomplish this, we recommend the following expression. Substitute your dimension and measure names in the expression you build. "Fiscal_Year" would be your time dimension and "Original Budget" would be the measure you are trying to evaluate in your current vs. previous relationship story. 

4. Repeat steps 1 & 2 for your "Previous Year" measure. Fill in the expression below again using your specific measure and dimension names. 

5. Now that we've made our two custom measures, we can head to the narrative. Use "Add Data" and determine your dimension and add in your two custom measures. 

6. Next, we want to set up our Relationship Story with our two custom measures.

7. Once saved, you'll receive a story comparing the current and previous year's budget!