If your data contains 3 Dimensions and 1 Measure and is a Discrete narrative, you can concatenate two of those dimensions to get a 2 Dimension/1 Measure story. If you prefer to watch a video on this topic, you can find our training video here.

In this example, our story contains 3 Dimensions: Country, Region, and Above Threshold.

Quill currently supports narratives with 2 Dimensions and 1 Measure, or 1 Dimension and up to 10 Measures, so in order to write about all three Dimensions, we will concatenate two of those fields together, Region and Country, by using a Calculated Field in the Source Worksheet.

Once you've created the new Calculated Field, drag it into the "Detail" pane so that it is accessible in your narrative.

Finally, refresh your narrative, and now when you click on the worksheet, you can add this new concatenated dimension into your story.

Note that once the story writes we will see our new dimension in the narrative with the "-" text appearing.