This article contains information on language settings. These are tools you can use to modify the length and level of analytical detail in your narrative, along with customizing the labels used to describe the dimensions in your story.

  • Verbosity
  • Number of Drilldowns
  • Dimension Terms
  • Measure Label


Verbosity controls the length and analytical detail associated with your narrative. When you choose "High", the narrative will be longer and go into more detail and perform more analytics. When you choose "Low", the narrative will be shorter with less detail.

Number of Drilldowns

Drilldowns are unique components of a narrative that includes two dimensions. A drilldown is a section of your narrative that is dedicated to describing figures associated with each dimension of your dashboard.

 For example, let's say you have a dashboard looking at monthly sales by product category. 

The narrative is set up to consider both the "time" dimension along with the "category" dimension. This narrative will include a dedicated section for each category that describes its performance in and across the time component of the data. 

Adjusting the maximum number of drilldown sections to include will control how many sections are included in your narrative. This functionality will rank the sections based on your measure characterization (is more of my measure "good" or "bad?") and eliminate (or add back) the lowest performing measure as the number of drilldowns is modified.

In the example below, when the number of drilldowns is set to three, "Road Bike", "Mountain Bike", and "Mountain Frame" are all included in the narrative. When that number is lowered to one, only "Road Bikes" appear, and when it is bumped back up to two "Road" Bikes" and "Mountain Bikes" write.

Dimension Terms

You have the ability to define the way each of your measures and dimensions are labeled and referenced in your narrative.

At the bottom of the language settings, you will notice a list of the available dimensions that can be expanded. When you expand a dimension, you will see the way the dimension will be referenced both in singular and plural form.

Click the "add another variation" button to provide additional labels for the narrative to cycle through (randomly) and use throughout your narrative when referencing a dimension. 

If your dimension is a drill-down dimension, visit our Drill-down Dimension Naming article to learn more!

Measure Label

Similar to the Dimension Terms, you have the ability to modify the label of your measure value as well by updating the "Label" field on the side menu.