In order to unlock the "Relationship" stories in the Setting modal, you need to have at least two measures and one dimension. Often times data that you're looking to compare is grouped into one column of data named something like "Period", "Month", or "Year" with values similar to "Q2", "March", "February", or "2020". 

This guide will walk through how you can separate "Q2 2020" from "Q1 2020" or (March from February) so that you can compare the two in a relationship story.

  1. You'll want to start in the sheet that you are planning to use in your narrative. We first want to create a calculated field.
  2. In this first calculated field, we want to make is for our "Current Period". You can follow the structure of this calculated field below but substitute your own dimension/measure names (orange text). 
  3. Next, we'll make one for the "Previous Period". 
  4. Now that we've created our two measures, we'll head to the narrative and add them into our story. 
  5. Next, we want to set up our Relationship Story with our two custom measures.
  6. Once saved, you'll receive a story comparing current and previous quarters!