Did you know that you can apply custom formatting to your narrative content? This guide will walk you through formatting. 

How to Apply Formatting

Within the settings modal, click on Narrative and then Formatting. From here you can set the font color and style for changes that are considered good and bad. 

The formatting for good and bad changes relates to the Characterizations settings. In order for the formatting to apply, you must categorize if larger numbers are considered good or bad for each measure. The styles and colors selected will be applied in the narrative based on thresholds of trend line or segment analysis. 

Note: Good and bad formatting is only available in the continuous narrative. 


Watch the video on Characterizations Settings to learn more about characterizations. 

The Formatting settings area also allows you to choose which order the drilldowns will appear. You can either order the drilldowns dynamically from best to worst based on average value, or maintain the order of measures in your data.