Quill narratives can be nested inside a show/hide container in Tableau. This is a great way to save screen real estate being used by already-established dashboards or more generally, help reduce the amount of clutter and information present on a dashboard at any given time. Users can pop out a narrative, read it, and then close it once they are done reading. 

To do this, in the dashboard view, start by dragging a horizontal or vertical container into the dashboard. This container must be "floating." You can achieve this by either holding the shift key when dragging the container onto the dashboard (which will automatically format it as a floating container upon its creation) or, after dragging, clicking on the "more options" carrot drop-down and selecting "floating."

Once the container has been created, floated, and is present on the dashboard, navigate to the "Layout" tab on the left hand side of the Tableau window (make sure the newly created floating container is selected) and give it a background color of white.

Next, click on the drop-down carrot associated with your floating container to show its settings, and select the "Add Show/Hide Button" option. This creates a small "X" icon which will serve as the trigger to hide or reveal your narrative.

Now, it's time to add the Narrative Science extension to your container. Drag the extension into the container and run through the usual steps of creating a narrative. Note: your newly created button will be partially obscured by the carrot/sidebar options that come along with the narrative (if your narrative is selected). Click on an area outside of the narrative window to "reveal" the button and make it more readily available for use. 

Hover your cursor over the window to reveal instructions on how to toggle the window open or closed. In this case, we're asked to click on the icon in conjunction with the use of "option" key. Doing so will collapse the window, and with it the narrative content.

You may rearrange or move your collapsable, floating narrative around your dashboard as desired.