You can bring additional measures and dimensions into your narrative if you have a complex sheet or limited screen real estate and don't want to affect your view. If you'd prefer to watch a video on this content, please click here.

This can be very useful for dashboards where users want to receive the information quickly, but not necessarily all of the data that drove that insight.

After dragging on the Narratives extension, you can see which worksheets you are able to write about in the configuration modal.

In this example, the available worksheets are Tourism By Country and Tourism Over Time. If we wanted to bring in another data source, the Population table for example, we can navigate to the left hand menu, select "Floating" and then drag that sheet onto your dashboard.

Immediately after adding this sheet, you will see the configuration modal update with new table available.

To hide this screen but keep the underlying data in your narrative, go to Layout, and adjust the size to 1 x 1. 

You may need to deselect additional legend elements but following that you can now configure your narratives using this hidden data.