The narrative extension does not interact with parameters in the same way it does with filters. If your dashboard has a parameter, you will need to add a "refresh" button to your dashboard that regenerates your narrative to align with your parameter selection. We explain how to do that in this video or you can follow the written directions below! 

1. Create a new sheet
2. Create a calculated field

i. Name: Refresh
ii. Contents of calc field: "refresh"

3. Drag the calculated field (Refresh) onto your new sheet
4. Right-click the field > select "Show header" to remove the header display

5. Make it into a shape of your choosing (i.e. change from "automatic" to "square")-- you can even use custom shapes, such as your company's logo.

6. Return to your dashboard and drag the new sheet (containing refresh button) onto your dashboard next to the parameter
7. Hover over button and go into More options > unselect "Title"
8. Hover over button > select "Use as filter"
9. Now when you adjust your parameter and then click on the refresh button, it will update your narrative to correspond with the parameter