Our newest version of Quill for Power BI includes a set of features to improve dashboard communication, personalization and interactivity. Check out the list and watch the video below to learn more about these new features!

This release includes: 

  • Language customization (watch at 36 seconds in the video above): strike the perfect balance of custom and automated stories by writing custom insights in your tone or style guide
  • Story edit-ability (watch at 2:34 seconds in the video above): edit your story headlines to your liking
  • Remove and reorder insights (watch at 3:05 seconds in the video above): a good story starts with a hook, now your stories can be the same. You can remove and re-order insights based on priority
  • Custom drilldowns (watch at 3:50 in the video above): want to see the top 5 highest dimension values instead of 3? Now you can customize the number of drilldown sections within a story based on your preferences
  • Text filtering (watch the video above at 6:07 seconds): filter your visualizations by clicking into the story to drill deeper on what matters to your analysis and uncover even more insights
  • Faster, more responsive performance: everyone loves faster analysis. Now we support for up to 30k rows of data
  • More on-premise deployment options: deploy Quill in your own data center (or on Azure)