The extension now allows you to choose from a library of functions that you can insert alongside text that is written in your own words. With this update, users can choose the level of customization that is best for your use case. 

To access this feature, follow these steps: 

  1. Set up a story and open up the edit modal (three dots on the top right > Edit) 
  2. Select "Add custom story item" to create a new piece of content
  3. Type in your new content and select the fx button on the right of your custom content to add a function. You’ll then see a list of functions appear in the dropdown.
  4. Select a function from the list of dropdowns and fill in the required fields. For example, if I wanted to know the state with the highest profit, I would select MaxLabel as my function and then designate the measure as ‘profit’. This would return the name of the state. If I wanted to know the profit value of that state, I would insert another function into my text called MaxValue and follow the prompts given. 
  5. Click the green ‘add function’ button to insert in your custom content. 
  6. Save your story and see custom content evaluate in your dashboard!

You can find the list of functions available here