As of Tableau 2018.2, there is not a license tracking management system, which means that in order to stay compliant, we ask that you follow the process outlined in this video. The process is also outlined in the attached pdf. 

How do I monitor who is using the dashboard as a viewer license?

Step 1: Go to "Content"




Step 2: Click on your Extensions Workbook project that you created for extensions workbooks 




Step 3: Click on a workbook within that project click.png



Step 4: Click on the three dots next to the workbookviews.png


Step 5: Then "who has seen this view" who_has_seen_this_veiw.png


Step 6: Add up the number of users in this list




Common FAQs

  1. How does the user license work? Is it user or session based? If it is user based, is it specific to a document/site, or can a user access any number of workbooks? The licenses are user specific, so anyone that creates dashboards with narratives or views dashboards with narratives counts as a license. If a user has a license, they can access any number of workbooks.
  2. Not all of the viewers of a dashboard will be given licenses. In that scenario, what is the approach you recommend? We recommend duplicating the workbook and using the narratives only in the workbook that the licensed users can access. It helps to have these workbooks in a designated folder using permissions. Unfortunately, this is the only way to monitor usage until Tableau enables licensing.