For security reasons, Tableau Server’s default settings limit access to full, unaggregated data to all extensions. This means that when you first install Quill Extension, users will receive a pop-up asking to grant full data access to the Quill Extension extension. This is what the pop-up looks like:


Since full data access is needed in order for the extension to provide stories to users, you must either

1) train your users to grant full data access through the pop-up


2) eliminate this pop-up for your users by taking the following steps:

**Note: The pop-up will only be suppressed in Tableau Web, and not Tableau Desktop**

1. Go to Settings > Extensions. 

2. Under Enable Specific Extensions, add the URL of the extension. The URL is found in the .trex file from the <source-location> element:


3. Choose Allow to give the extension Full Data Access. Choose to Hide the User Prompts.