Yes, Quill for Qlik currently works with QlikSense Cloud if you are using the Quill SaaS extension. In order to get the extension working in QlikSense Cloud, you will need to adjust some of your settings within Content Security Policy. Follow the instructions below.

To access Content Security Policy in settings:

  1. Log into your Qlik Cloud instance
  2. Open the Management Console > from the menu on the right-hand side, under Integration, select Content Security Policy
  3. Add the following Origin & Directives (see photo below for reference):


connect-src, script-src

connect-src, script-src


connect-src, script-src

font-src, style-src

connect-src, script-src, style-src


connect-src, img-src, script-src, style-src

<your qlik cloud tenant> (example:

connect-src, connect-src (WebSocker), script-src

Once the policies have been updated, add the Quill Extension to Qlik via the Management Portal > Content > Extensions, then add the extension to your worksheet:

  1. Go to the Qlik Hub, open an app, then open a sheet to edit
  2. In Edit Mode on the left-hand size, click Custom Objects > Extensions
  3. Find the extension titled "Narratives" and drag it on to the sheet
  4. Click the corresponding button to link the extension to a chart or data
  5. Follow the on-screen prompts to set up your Narrative, then click Save and Close

From here, you can continue to use Quill for Qlik.