Yes. When creating a 'Story' in a Qlik Sense application, you can add the narratives produced by the Quill for Qlik extension. The following is a demonstration of how you can add narratives to your Qlik Sense stories.

1) Start with a worksheet containing the visualizations and narratives you want to incorporate into a Qlik Sense story.

2) To save these two objects for use in a story, click the camera icon. This will give you the option to take snapshots of the two objects.

3) Click inside the dotted boxes to save snapshots of those objects. The grey camera icons will indicate the objects have been saved.

4) Now that you have saved snapshots of these objects, you can create a story.

Option 1: Using snapshots

5) To bring the snapshots into your story, click the camera icon to bring up a list of saved snapshots. You will see the two snapshots we saved earlier.

6) You can drop and drag those snapshots into the story sheet. When you do, these will be static versions of the two objects. You will not be able to make selections or interact with them.

Option 2: Using worksheet containing narrative

7) Another way to use a narrative in a Qlik Sense story is to bring the whole worksheet into a story slide. To do this, first create a new slide in your story.

8) You'll be given two options for bringing a sheet into the story. For this example, we chose the "Sheet" option.

9) Click the "Select Sheet" button and choose the sheet you want to embed on this slide. You will see confirmation that the sheet has been added.

10) When you play the story, you will see the sheet. Unlike the snapshots, with the worksheet, you can interact with it and make selections.