Feature Summary

Customers using our Quill Extensions are now able to see automated language that tells contribution to change analysis of sub-dimensions (e.g. each region’s changes in sales over time) to a parent dimension (total of regions’ sales over time) or contribution of sub-dimensions (e.g. each region’s sales) to a parent dimension (total sales of regions).


How To Use This Feature

Set up: Continuous & Discrete stories with 2 dimensions, 1 measure. 

Settings: Measure must be ‘cumulative’. Go to ‘Settings’ → ‘Characterizations’ → Open your Measure’s Settings → Select “Yes” to the question, “Do you want to know the cumulative total for X?”



Expected Result 


  • Over the most recent month, Sales Revenue increased 5.45% from 89.02 million to 93.86 million across the two genders, with gains driven by F (+16% to 50.09 million) but offset by M (-4.59% to 43.78 million).



  • F had the highest Sales Revenue by gender ($508.7 million, 50% of total), with Sales Revenue driven by HOME ELECTRONICS ($180.2 million, 35%) and curbed by MISC. NON-INVENTORY ($130,408, 0.03%).



Visit our blog post to learn more.