This section will answer common questions related to data transfer and data security of Quill Extension when installed on-premises.

  1.  Does any data received by the Quill Extension application leave my network?
    1. No. Data such as measure and dimensions names and raw data values are used by the Quill Extension application to generate natural language, which is then returned to the requestor. Your data is never sent anywhere else.


  1.  Is any of the data from the Quill Extension installation stored?
    1. No. The story writing server does not keep any archive of data used to generate narratives.


  1.  What information is being stored?
    1. Only data related to the health and performance of the various servers is stored. This information can be seen in log files by following the steps described above. None of this information is being sent to Narrative Science.



If you'd like to see more information about our overall security posture, please email and ask for our Quill Security whitepaper.