Upgrading to the latest version is easy! 

If you opted-in to automatic updates during initial install, you don't need to do anything. Your Linux server will automatically pull the latest updates to the machine as we release them (quarterly, 4x a year for our on-prem customers).

If you opted-in to manual updates during initial install, when you visit the IT admin portal at https://<hostname>:8800, you will see a button in the top center that reads "Check for updates." 

Clicking that button will trigger the latest updates to pull down to the machine and install. 

Note: the services will run fine if you choose to close connection from this machine to the outside Internet. However when you are ready to manually update services, please ensure you open a connection to the outside Internet (if even for only a few minutes, while the new Docker images are pulled down). You can then close off connection to the Internet again once the update is completed, and the services will continue functioning within your network.