Upgrading to the latest version is easy!

Upgrade Prerequisite:

If you chose to close the connection from the Quill Server to the outside Internet after the initial install, when you are ready to manually update services, please ensure you open a connection to the outside Internet (if even for only a few minutes, while the new Docker images are pulled down). You can then close off the connection to the Internet again once the update is completed, and the services will continue functioning within your network.

If you are not using the Tableau Extension you can go straight to the upgrade instructions here

Prerequisite for Tableau Extension and Quill V0.493.0 or Later:

The Condensed View feature released with v.0.493.0 listed here is activated via a feature flag that requires syncing your license to pick up the new feature flag.  Prior to updating Quill, you will need to refresh your license to pick up that change.  This can be done via the IT Admin portal at https://<hostname>:8800.

  1. Once logged into the portal, click the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner and select View License
  2. Once the page loads click Sync License
  3. Once the license sync is complete you can follow the upgrading instructions below to install the newest version of Quill.   

If you have already updated to 0.493.0 or later and did not sync your license prior to updating, the condensed view feature may be missing from the extension. It can easily be activated by syncing your license and then restarting the Quill services in the IT Admin Portal to pick up the feature flag:

  1. Follow steps 1-2 from above to update your license
  2. Click Dashboard from the top menu to navigate back to the portal main page
  3. On the main dashboard page click the Stop Now button in the left-hand tile to stop the Quill Services
  4. Once the services show stopped, click the Start Now button to restart Quill
  5. After the Quill services have restarted, to have the Condensed View option show in the extension settings have the Tableau End-User click the More Options arrow on the extension and select Reload (reloading will not remove any settings or custom language/functions already set up in the extension)
  6. After the extension reloads the End-User should now see a Condense View setting in the Quill Extension Settings under Display.      

 If after syncing your license and restarting the Quill services the Condensed View setting is not showing in the Quill Tableau Extension, please reach out to quillsupport@narrativescience.com


If you opted-in to manual updates during the initial install, when you visit the IT admin portal at https://<hostname>:8800, you will see a button in the top center that reads "Check Now" 

Clicking that button will trigger the latest updates to pull down to the machine and install.

NOTE: If you opted-in to automatic updates during the initial install, you don't need to do anything. As long as a connection to the outside internet was maintained, your Linux server will automatically pull the latest updates to the machine as we release them (quarterly, 4x a year for our on-prem customers).