Hardware/Server Recommendations

Linux Server (e.g., virtual machine, AWS instance, etc.) with the minimum system specifications:

  1. Number of Cores – 2
  2. Memory – 2GB per core
  3. Disk – 25GB** free space (not used by existing processes)

Linux Server (Examples: Virtual machine, AWS instance, etc.) with the recommended system specifications:

  1. Number of Cores – 4
  2. Memory – 3.75 GB per core
  3. Disk – 25GB** free space (not used by existing processes)

We recommend that the Quill API not be co-located with other applications on a single server.


**Note: At least 25GB free (unutilized) space in the /var directory

Operating System

The archive file you receive from Narrative Science will include all of the required software dependencies in order to run our Quill API. The only software requirement is at the operating system level:

  • Linux CentOS 7 or RHEL 7 (with systemd)

If you need to use a server with a different operating system (for example, if you usually provision Windows servers), we recommend provisioning Linux CentOS 7 or RHEL 7 as a virtual machine that you can run on that server. There are many time-tested production-grade options to choose from to handle the VM layer, including:

  • Hyper-V
  • VMWare
  • VirtualBox

Internet Connectivity

No client-specific data leaves your network, but internet connectivity is required for licensing (the extension sends a periodic ping to our servers to ensure usage remains compliant). 

Ports and Routing

  1. Quill Extension server will run on port 443 (HTTPS). 
    1. Routing infrastructure is configured to route requests from a user’s browser to the Quill Extension hosts at port 443, including correctly configured DNS, firewalls, proxies, and security groups. For example, requests to “” get routed to the server at port 443.
  2. Port 8800 must be open to internal traffic (for your IT Admin to access the admin portal on the machine)
  3. Port 443 must also be open to the following external URLs:
  4. Please contact us if you require a deployment with absolutely no internet connectivity – we are able to support this as well!

Additional Considerations (Docker & IPv6)

Quill Extension uses Docker in order to perform this installation. Please notify NS prior to installation if:

  • Your organization pre-installs a specialized Docker instance on your machine and you cannot remove it from your installation machine; or
  • Your organization blocks use of IPv6 on the Quill Extension server or VM layer (note, this is a very rare setup). IPv6 is only used during installation to initialize the Docker containers; or
  • Your organization does not allow Docker to be used in Development or Production environments


Please proceed to the next step: 2.1: Linux user (root vs sudo)