The Narratives for Qlik extension is downloaded as a .zip file. You will be able to upload the .zip file directly into your Qlik Management Console (QMC) for use in QlikSense.


(1) Once you have downloaded the Narratives for Qlik extension, first, create a directory within /Documents/Qlik/Sense/Extensions called "Narratives-For-Qlik"


(2) Unzip the extension file and move the contents into the directory you created.

Note: Some versions of Windows installer will create a directory containing the zip file contents upon unzipping. You can choose to move that newly created folder into /Documents/Qlik/Sense/Extensions, or you can remove the contents and follow the steps above.


(3) Access the extension in QlikSense

Qlik Sense Versions 3.0 and Above Only: When you start QlikSense, you will find the extension in the "extensions" pane on the left sidebar. To get there, click the puzzle piece icon to bring up your list of installed extensions.


(4) The Narratives extension will show up in your list of extensions.


Qlik Sense Versions Below 3.0 Only:

When you start QlikSense, you will see the extension on the left sidebar among the chart-type options.