All narrative content is organized into the following analytic buckets. 

  • Distribution - Describes how values are distributed among the various dimension entities. Includes normal distribution, skewness, and concentration. Found in discrete story types only.
  • Clustering - Describes notable groupings based on the values of the dimension entities. Found in discrete story types only.
  • Correlation - Compares two measures to identify any relevant relationships (positive or negative) between the two variables. Found in discrete and continuous story types.
  • Segments - Looks at interesting subsections of a line/series. Examples include streaks of consecutive increases or decreases, notable spikes or dips, and even compares simultaneous movement from multiple lines. Found in continuous story types only.
  • Trendline - applies a linear best-fit analysis to determine linear trends and predictions. Found in continuous story types only.
  • Volatility - quantifies fluctuations using an R-squared analysis. Found in continuous story types only.
  • General - This refers to any narrative content not associated with any particular bucket listed above. This bucket includes headlines, intros, descriptive content, or content that doesn't require complex mathematical/statistical models. Found in all story types.


This documentation will refer back to these analytic buckets when describing each piece of narrative content.