Language Settings


Using the Quill for Power BI "Narrative Settings" menu, you can provide more context to your narratives. 


To get to this menu: 


After a narrative has been generated, click the 'gear' icon to bring up your narrative settings.



The following guides will show you have to utilize these settings to enhance your narratives.


Customized Dimension Labels


When using the Quill for Power BI extension, you can customize how your narratives refer to your dimensions.


(1) Once you generate a narrative, you will see that the Quill for Power BI extension uses default language to reference your dimensions. Using this line chart as an example, the narrative refers to “periods.”



(2) Open up the narrative settings menu and go to the Language tab.


(3)  You will see your ‘Language’ settings by default and you will see your dimensions under the “Dimensions” heading. Click on the dimension you will be making adjustments to. You will see text boxes filled with the default language for referencing the dimension.



(4) Change the singular and plural versions of the dimension label to how you want to reference dimensions. The narrative will update to reflect these changes.



(5) Click the ‘Add Variation’ button and fill in the text boxes if you want the Quill for PowerBI extension to cycle through different references to the dimension. For example,



(6) As you make these updates, you will see your narrative now referencing dimensions in the way you want.