One way to customize your narratives is by adjusting the formatting for measure values. In Qlik, additional settings can be found in the sidebar on the right hand side of the dashboard. Custom formatting allows users to specify exactly how measure values appear in the narratives - you can control thousands separators, decimal separators, and number of rounding places.

Let's work with an example. Here we have a continuous story based on a line chart.

On the right sidebar, you'll notice Measures as a settings option. Click on Measures to expand the settings. 

Click on "Number Formatting" to adjust how you'd like the measures to be formatted. Toggle the Formatting option from "Simple" to "Custom".

From there, you can specify your desired formatting, adding thousands separators and decimal places. Let's change the number formatting to round to the nearest whole place instead of two decimal places. 

You will notice above the narrative has updated to round the measure values to the nearest whole place.

Another way to control the formatting is to choose the "Custom" option. You can input a customized 'thousands separator' and 'decimal separator'. The narrative will update to reflect these selections.