The Narratives for Qlik extension allows you to control the analytics run when generating your narrative. In addition to enabling or disabling certain analytic packages, you can order those analytics by their importance to you.

This guide will walk through the steps of configuring the analytics in your narrative.

1. After you've generated a narrative, you will notice a settings icon that appears in the upper right corner of the narrative object on your worksheet.



2. When you click the settings icon, it will bring up the narrative settings menu.



3. To see your configurable analytics options, click "Analytics" in the left sidebar.



4. From this menu, you can control the analytics that are enabled to run in your narrative as well as their order of importance. You can enable/disable analytics by using the toggle on the right side of each analytic in the list.



5. You can also re-order the analytics by clicking on the re-ordering icon next to the enable/disable toggle.



6. Once you have decided on the analytics you want enabled and the order of importance, you can click 'Close' at the bottom right to generate a new narrative with these settings applied.


7. The examples above show configurable analytics for analyzing data over a continuous series. When you are writing stories about entity distribution, the available analytics will be different.