Once you have created a chart and an accompanying narrative using the Quill for Qlik extension, you may want to change your worksheet by editing the chart you already have a narrative for. The Quill for Qlik extension makes it easy for you to edit a chart and then generate a new narrative reflecting the changes you made.

To do this, follow these steps:

1) We'll assume that you have created a chart and an accompanying narrative to serve as a starting point



2) Next, make some changes to your chart. In our example, we've changed the measures used. We went from "Revenue" and "Profit" to "Budget $" and "Sales $".



3) Now, we're in a state where the narrative does not match the chart. The narrative is still referencing "Revenue" and "Profit". If we hover our cursor over the upper right corner of the Narrative extension object, we'll see an icon for "Re-Selecting" a visualization.



4) Once you click on that icon, you'll have the option to select a new chart for the Narrative extension to write about



5) Click on the chart you want to write about and the Narrative extension will now write about the selected chart. You'll see that the narrative writes about "Budget $" and "Sales $"