This article will show you the different Language settings. You can also watch the video on Language Settings.


When you click on the "Language" tab of the Settings module, you will see the ability to customize "Verbosity" and choose the language to describe dimensions.

1) Verbosity: When you choose "High", the narrative will be longer and go into more detail and perform more analytics. When you choose "Low", the narrative will be shorter with less detail.

2) At the bottom of the language settings, you will notice a list of the available dimensions that can be expanded. When you expand a dimension, you will see the way the dimension will be referenced both in singular and plural form.

3) In this example, we are measuring sales by month. So we can change the singular and plural dimension labels to "month" and "months"

You can click the "Add variation" button and fill in the text boxes if you want the extension to cycle through different references to the dimension.