(1) Drag the "Extensions" object from the left sidebar into a Tableau dashboard in the desired location for the narrative.   This action will open a dialog box prompting you to choose your extension. Locate the .trex file on your computer and select "Open".



(2) Select which worksheet on the dashboard you want to write a narrative about.


(3) Select which measures and dimensions you would like to include in the narrative.


(4) Identify the desired story type (discrete, continuous, percent of whole, or scatterplot).

  • Continuous Analysis - You would typically see data plotted in a line chart.
  • Discrete Analysis - You would typically see data presented in a bar or column chart.
  • Percent of Whole Analysis - Data is commonly presented in pie charts.
  • Scatterplot - The narrative will describe the results of regression analysis between multiple measures


(5) These steps will automatically generate a narrative.  You can further configure your narrative by clicking the Settings Modal icon in the upper-left corner of the narrative.  The Settings Modal will provide a guided experience for personalizing and contextualizing your narrative. At any point, you can choose to close the walkthrough and return to settings later by clicking the “back” arrow in the upper-right of the Settings Modal.

To learn more, you can also watch our Quill for Tableau Training Video.