A popular feature in Qlik Sense is the use of drill-down dimensions. Users can set up hierarchies within their dimension (i.e., Region->State->City) and when users select one of those levels of the hierarchy in their chart in view mode, the chart will automatically drill into the next level down.

In Quill for Qlik, users can apply custom dimension labels to each level of the hierarchy. The extension will automatically recognize how many levels of your drill down there are and will allow you to set up custom singular and plural dimension labels for each.

Here we have a chart with a drill down dimension for 'Country->Product Category->Product Sub Category->Product'. We will go into our narrative settings.


Click 'language' to get to the custom dimension labels


Now, instead of seeing the one set of labels, you can apply a singular and plural label for each level of the drill down.


In our case, we will have four sets of labels: country/countries, category/categories, subcategory/subcategories, and product/products.

Now, we'll start with our bar chart at the 'country' level of the drill down and the narrative will properly refer to those dimensions as country/countries.


Now, when we click on one of those countries in view mode, the chart will drill into the product categories for that country. The narrative will update to correctly refer to the dimension as category/categories.