One of the useful features of the Quill for Power BI extension is its responsiveness to your actions within Microsoft Power BI. The narrative will change as you make selections within the report. This works whether you are editing the report or in Reading view.



When Illinois is selected in the pie chart, the associated narrative changes to reflect that focus.



In addition, the line chart in the report shifts slightly and the narrative associated with the line chart also changes to reflect the focus on Illinois.



You can also use Microsoft Power BI's filters to affect your report and, therefore, your narratives.


In this example, we're measuring Total COGS and Sum of Travel Expenses over each month for one year.



Add a filter at the page level in edit mode by dragging Month to the Page level filters.



Back in Reading view, you can select specific months, such as January through June in the filter on the right. The narrative will update to reflect your selections.



You can also set filters at the report level.



This filter will be available on every page of your report in Reading View.