To configure a relationship story, navigate to "relationships" under settings for discrete and continuous narratives only with two measures. 

Note: You can apply both 'Actual v. Benchmark' and 'Current/Previous' relationships at the same time on datasets. Any measures that are in the visualization that are not part of the relationship configuration will be discussed in separate drill down paragraphs.


Step 1: Click the settings icon



Step 2: Click Relationships


Step 3: Set up your story, tell the extension which measure is the current and previous.



To read more about set up and our other relationship narratives, visit Relationships Settings.


Where is the Current vs Previous Analysis Useful?

  • Change in KPIs - better understand if your KPIs from prior periods are increasing, decreasing, or remaining consistent
  • Analytics In Language - identify trends over time without needing to look at the raw data

Example of Current vs Previous Story: