Users can customize their narratives with the ability to remove individual sections or pieces of content as well as reorder individual bullets or sentences within sections. This guide will show how to utilize this functionality.

Once you have generated a narrative, you will see an 'edit' icon next to the narrative settings.

Click the 'edit' icon to bring up the narrative edit modal.

Here, you will see an orange dot next to pieces of content that can be toggled on/off and reordered. Hovering over one of those orange dots will reveal a toggle. You can click the toggle to turn the bullet/sentence on or off. In this example, we'll turn off those bottom three bullets.

That content will now be removed from the narrative when you click "Finish".

In addition to toggle on/off individual sentences or bullets, you can also turn on/off sections of the narrative. In this example, you see the entire drilldown section for the 'sales' measure bordered by an orange box. This means the entire section can be turned off.

You can click the toggle to collapse that section and remove it from the narrative.

When you click "Finish", you will see the entire section about the 'sales' measure has been removed.

Lastly, you can reorder individual sentences or bullets within a section by clicking on them and dragging them to their desired location.

If we started like this:

We could drag the second sentence up to the top.