Users can choose their currency for measure values meant to formatted as 'money' through a very intuitive user interface.

This guide will walk through the scenarios where a user has formatted their measure values in the chart as money prior to generating a narrative as well as when a user has not changed the formatting in the chart but wishes to format values as money in the narrative.

Scenario 1: User formats measure values in chart as money

In this scenario, we have chosen to format their measure 'Money' using the Qlik "Data" dropdown. When we go to our narrative settings and click on "Characterizations", we will see 'Money' has already been selected as our desired format for measure values in our narrative.

With 'Money' selected, a currency dropdown will already be present. From here, you can choose your desired currency from a list of over 50 supported currencies.

In this example, we will choose Euros.

When we 'Save and Close', the narrative will be updated with our desired currency.

Scenario 2: Measure values not formatted as Money in source chart

Here, we will have a chart where a user has not chosen to format the measure as 'money', but we can choose to have the narrative render values in our desired currency. Here, in the Qlik 'Data' dropdown, the format is still 'auto'.

When we open up narrative settings and go to 'Characterizations', we will see that values will be rendered as numbers by default.

We can choose to render our measure values as money by clicking 'Money'.

This will bring up the currency selection dropdown. From here, we can choose from over 50 currencies.

We'll again choose Euros for this example.

When we click "Save and Close", the new narrative will include our desired currency.