As of now, you can now embed Quill stories into NPrinting, Qlik’s reporting platform for creating custom documents!


Many of our customers are charged with pulling insights from dashboards to present to stakeholders and a lot of them use NPrinting as the primary mechanism to do so. Before NPrinting and Quill, you had to manually create a report from your Qlik dashboard, patching together visuals and writing insights manually for a Powerpoint deck. Now you can use one platform for visual analytics and reporting.


NPrinting allows you to distribute insights in a variety of output types (html, PowerPoint, Word, etc.) and on a consistent cadence using the scheduling tool. This is another way to scale your content to even more users, especially those that do not have access to a BI tool or know how to use one.


Regardless of the output, the goal is to meet the viewers where they want it. For example, you can now send an email with a few of Quill’s key insights to senior executives every week and then use the Powerpoint that includes charts and the full story for more context. Sound useful?


To add a story to your NPrinting report, you’ll do the same workflow as if you’re adding a chart or graph to your template, but now you’ll see your story show up as one of the images in your template editor. NPrinting takes a snapshot of your dashboard as it stands in the application, so make sure that your story looks as you’d like before creating a preview of your template. 


To see this in action, we used NPrinting to create this custom PowerPoint deck from our Qlik sales dashboard.